ETHIOPIA & AIDS/HIV CURE by Ras Iadonis Tafari

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AIDS in Amharic (1991)
AIDS in Amharic PDF

End of AIDS Drug Fight
(courtesy of and Dr. Aberra)


(article still being updated! Look for more online scrolls and eventually the book. work & praise – yad)

FIRSTLY LOJ_MEDical Response Unit & RAS IADONIS’ position on the issue of AIDS/HIV, is summed up as follows: “….Cancer and AIDS spread exactly where cultural ecstacy and ritual are forgotten, we must teach this outer and inner spiritual dance because the lives of our children depend on it.”

It is based on the above PRINCIPLE that We will HEAL THE NATIONS….

Selamta Ina TEna YisTilign, this is Ras IADONIS and the LOJ 😉 We are more than interested- WE ARE VERY CONCERNED and seek to work cooperatively with ALL who are involved in the ETHIOPIA (Africa) & HIV issue. We were contacted about a year or so ago to help and got prepared yet our links in Ethiopia weren’t able to be found at that time. Perhaps it was the distance of our respective works yet we are prepared to HELP!

Please check a NEW site that we are creating to communicate on MEDICAL & HEALTH issues for ETHIOPIANS (Africans) and the RASTAFARI Community. It still needs more webpages and we are developing this offline.

The NEW loj_MEDical site is:

LOJ_COLLECTIVE & RAS IADONIS proposes HIV/AIDS Cultural Solution!!!
We also have started another sub E-group with the same name “loj_med” stands for LION OF JUDA Mission/Ministry’s MEDical unit. It is our hope and effort that the EGROUP can be used for ISSUES SUCH AS ETHIOPIA & HIV where members/co-workers may post articles to: loj_med and the results of research and addition notes may be added to our

WE SHARE this info because it is our hope that we will be able to establish an ONLINE WORKING COMMITTEE to help INFO and if possible CO-ORDINATE activities for Ethiopia and continental Africa by linking and bringing together those who will make a difference by way of EDUCATION, SERVICE and ADVOCACY! This is the purposes of LOJ Mission Inc. since before it was incorporated- We are pleased and encouraged to hear from you and pray and hope that we will be of valued assistance and make a change in a drastic and dreaded situation.

For our part as Educators and Rastafari Scientist- We would like to also bring a re-solution as well as SALVATION to our people plagued by this dis-ease. The mechanics of AIDS/HIV are interesting and little do most people recognize, WAY OF LIFE (in addition to sexual/habitual mis-alignments) and LOSS OF CULTURAL RITUAL and ECSTACY is forgotten or replaced by “the image (way of life) of the beast” there is a HIGHER AVERAGE of HIV/AIDS. This has been proven amongst AFRICAN/ASIAN native people who have forgotten or “CHANGE THEIR HONOUR/GLORY” and therefore became exposed to dorment “viruses” and other “dis-eases” man-made and otherwise.

WE MUST STUDY & LEARN before we do! We are not just saying this to make a point. These FACTS and evidence have been gathered to be given and discussed with the LOJ_MED at this time and others who are sufficiently trained and knowledgable in HOLISTICS, NATURALPATHIC MEDICINE as well as BASIC BIO and CHEM (with interested in QUANTUM PHIsics). These subjects are more “SPIRITUAL” than most people would imagine. When the BIBLE or the scriptures is properly applied from a PRINCIPLE point of view and not just a “religious” or so-called “mythological” way there can be useful results which may be applied for the HEALING OF THE NATIONS! This is the mission and the MINISTRY of the RASTA_LOJ and we invite others to STUDY and PROVE what we are proposing for themselves so that we can confidently apply solution/SOULUTION.

Nourished By Spin; Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle

Read the above in light of the I-tal Livity (Way of Life) of Rasta Holistics!!!

AID/HIV is an energetic dis-ease and the Western “CiviLIEzation” doesn’t have a clue. Instead of giving pills and other “addictive” elements, they should encourage LAW-ABIDING LIVITY. This is not to be confused with “religion” when we say “law-abiding”. First of all, DIS-EASE as well as HEALTH functions or dis-functions according to “law” or a set or PRINCIPLES called “rules” by some. These rules and laws are NOT MAN-MADE yet if man avoid or ignores them these same “principles” will un-do him and his society. It is like what we are now witnessing in the WEST and all over. AID/HIV is the opposite of CANCER energetically and at a sub-cellular level. I have learned and am teaching/tutoring this SHIN/science/TRUE SCIENCE from H.I.M. BIBLE and through study of ancient cultures, namely ANCIENT KAM (Egypt) and its Parent culture, ETHIOPIA. It is interesting indeed and INI WOULD LIKE TO SHARE THESE RESULTS in regards to ETHIOPIA & HIV (AIDS)!

HEART is the FOUNDATION of the Above (not the elimination)

HEART without “instruction” (writ) and “application” (rite; ritual) is DEAD/without EL-PHI (life) and PHI-RE (fire) and therefore is also most prone to attack or “immune deficiency”… Only the heart has enough symmetry to lock/touch the pressures and prepare the field. Yet the “field” of ALL that exists must be prepared by HEART yet it is the INSTRUCTION & the APPLICATION that provides the FOCAL/ATTRACTOR also… In fact, WRIT, RITE & HEART is another 1, 2, 3 or rather, as I say (avoiding the so-called ‘kungu” spell 😉 1, 3, 5…. OR, PHI approximating 7/5 PI/e seems constant…

WE NEED TO OVERSTAND the ECSTATIC PROCESS! I am not just speaking “sex” here however the “JOY OF LIFE”. The “awe” and the TWINKLING EYES WAY OF LIFE of most people in the East and West is gone. Emotions and feelings affect the soul. Ritual is important. Some have said that its “….NOT ABOUT WRITS OR RITUALS…. it is ESSENTIALLY A FUNCTION OF THE HEART!” Now this is true yet many have ignored the “WRIT” and the “RITE” (RITUAL/RIGHTEOUSNESS) and have adopted foreign ways of life that is KILLING THEM! Yes, the “babylon” or rather the “mystikos” (mystery) Babylonian life is murder to humanity. Firstly, it destroys “true” joy and then it replaces true ecstacy with “money” and “chasing papers”. People have forgotten about “BLISS” (and joy, awe, wonder and love) and many feel that this is only “sex” and that “sex” is bad and that getting money and working for the “sh*tstem” is good. Well, to each their own yet we just wanted to give all a brief OVERVIEW OF LOJ’S HIV/AIDS CURE and ETHIOPIA/Africans at home and abroad.

IS “AIDS” (HIV) man-made? Does it matter??

NOW some claim that “AIDS” is man-made and all that. ???????? Well there may be some truth to the fact that man has caused the issue of “Auto-Immune Deficiency” to get worst yet actually this is based on LIVITY and WAY of LIFE. Even in ETHIOPIA today and around AFRICA AIDS/HIV TAKES OVER WHEREVER AND WHENEVER THE PEOPLE LOOSE THEIR ABILITY TO NATIVE DANCE, RITUAL, CHANTING, JOY and CULTURE. Each people have been given by nature its ways of HEALING and PROTECTING THEMSELVES! When you loose that you become open to dis-ease. AID/HIV is not just “one kind” of dis-ease. It effects the IMMUNITY (which is a spiritual principle) and when that happens… whatever was most dis-eased will become evident. Yet, these so-called “dis-eases” that AIDS cause are products of the IMMUNITY being breached and violated. THIS NEEDS TO BE STUDIED FROM AN ETHIO-CENTRIC & HOLISTIC WAY!!! ENROLL IN LOJ_KOLEJI ONLINE Coming Soon!!!

Briefly, I will give all LOJ’s THESIS RE: AIDS/HIV and WHAT CAN BE DONE!?? The following is from the glossary of SACRED GEOMETRIC TERMS/APPLICATIONS and comes from an online SACRED GEOMETRY site (refer to Dan Winter here. Explains SacredGEO Mechanics & Principles in a clear and easy to over-understand way. check the SACRED GEO GLOSSARY of Terms). In Ancient TOBIYA/ETHIOPIA we call this way of looking at the ENERGETIC PROCESS from a higher/meta physical level, SHINE (Science of) AYMERO (Over-understanding / – based upon H.I.M. Bible/meSHaf Qddus):

Ecstatic process: any activity centering mind into body and perception in such a way as to bring all awareness into the present. This results in a concentric wave nesting of the “fractal attractor” of attention. (the price of “truth” is to PAY ATTENTION and BE FOCUSed!) This phase locks or brings to focus at one point, waves of increasing cascades of different length. In quantum or wave terms, this engages the principle of self-organization among pressure waves which occurs whenever they are brought to focus. This is because in wave interference patterns drawn to the focal point attracted by symmetry, order self replicates, and disorder SELF-destructs.

Ecstatic process uses the activities of symmetry making in the geometry of awareness, to get attention/awareness so focused or phase locked that worlds within worlds of wave length and “embodiment” converge to share inertia or mind. The symmetry or pattern making activity necessary to attract this critical “mass” of awareness or wave front centers is enacted in the human condition on rollercoasters, in dance and ritual, in sexuality, tantra and kundalini, etc. When we get a handle on the inertia centers of wave fields of increasing size, we can make our feelings felt in larger worlds. The wave geometry or shape of feelings, thus get leverage eventually upon whole bioregions, planets, … longer waves.

When we attempt to gain this symmetry making power among waves externally by adding symmetry to synapse with chemically induced ecstatcy we make certain sacrifices. Unable to fabricate our own ecstacy, we induce a fraction of the chemistry which normally just mediates instead of induces the superconduction in the brain. Brain coherence without the resonance linkage and pure intention to the larger mind, is like a top spun up without first balancing the spin point. Only the heart has enough symmetry to lock/touch the pressures and prepare the field.

LOJ’s THESIS for the AIDS/HIV SOULUTION/re-Soulution:
Human cells, and human cultures cannot survive without the informing context of disciplined ecstatic process
. Formerly ecstacy was taught only by religion and cults.Now, as cancer and AIDS spread exactly where cultural ecstacy and ritual are forgotten, we must teach this outer and inner spiritual dance because the lives of our children depend on it….

We ask all to give some FEED FORWARD on this subject if they can. Please submit all responses on HEALTH/MEDical issues to:
loj_med and any proposals may be sent to: loj_med-owner

Misgana = Give Thanks (Amaric)

Brhanina Selam
Light and Peace,
LOJ_Mission Inc.

Work & Praise Always & in All Ways!!

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