The Israelites Never Became Jews!

The Israelites Never Became Jews!

Draft Essay by H.H. Ras Iadonis Tafari, aka Rabbi Yadon

The Israelites never became “Jews.” The truth is that the biblical “Hebrews” became “Israelites” and in later times were led by the Afro-Semitic, or “Black” i.e. African, descendants of the “Tribe of Judah,” the tribe of the kings and the tribe of the rejected Messiah Himself. The Children of the patriarch Israel never became “Jews” as Simon Schama, a historian whom this author had a relatively high regard for, as a storyteller – that is, would desperately have you to believe, and sincerely, yet tribally believes himself. While the Europeans who call themselves and re-identify as “jew” may seemingly struggle to be, those original and indigenous “Judeans” (Blacks) have forgotten in vain who they were, are and how they became. It is like a collective amnesia or perhaps more biblically-speaking, the consequence for turning their backs instead of their face to the true “God of their ancestors” and their Messiah re-christened “Jesus Christ.” But, the plain truth is that hose who we call “Jews” today are descendants of converted peoples much like non-Black “Rastafarians” today. The foreign converts, the “Jews,” like the original Ethiopian-Hebrews, learned to adapt to the changing times and circumstances in order to preserve their chosen identity. In the case of the European converts to Judaism and later to Christianity, it took hundreds of years to subjugate the original Afro-Semitic “Black” peoples, and later to replace them totally by the “jews who call themselves jews, and are not.”

White ‘Jewish’ Racial Forgery of Ancient Egyptology: Caught Red-Handed! Compare these two pictures found onWikipedia!

These Ancient Egyptian wall paintings contain the true images of the Black Hebrews or “Israelites” being whitewashed to reflect the modern lie of the so-called “Jews.” Note that the older image on the bottom, i.e. darker skinned Afro-Shemites, cf. the lighter image on the top is a modern fake or forgery.

Oldest Christian Icons and Early Church Paintings of the Face of Yeshua (“Jesus” the Christ)

Rome’s Racial Hatred against the Black Jews & Black Jesus

When the early Romans and latter Christian fathers were said to “demonize” the so-called “Jews” it was not due to fanatical hatred. Rather, it was due to the rise of the “foreign converts” and the extinction and enslavement of the native “Black” Judean population (c. 70 A.D. Destruction of Jerusalem and the “Solomonic” Temple of Herod, i.e. Tisha B’Av) and African Hebrew presence in both the Holy lands and in the Roman regions. Flavius Josepheus is just one such example of a foreign convert who, typically played both sides against the middle. Josepheus both fought against the Judeans (Black Hebrews) on the side of the Romans (White Europeans), in exchange for more power, autonomy and control in the Promised Land for his convert tribalists, pseudo-coreligionists, the infamous Indo-European “Jews.”

The Modern Jewish Hero: Herod the Edomite

But, as with the Edomite, or Idumean convert Herod and his religio-political party, the Herodians who were literally in bed with the Romans against the Black Judean remnants still dwelling at the time in Judea, their tribal homeland, the Romans allied with, only using the racially “European” so-called “Jews” against their dark-skinned co-religionists, undermining as a buffer zone, the native and racial descendants of Abraham and children of Israel. Interestingly, the modern “Jews” identify with Herod and are actually quite fanatical in their love and devotion to all things Herodian. Why Herod? Why not? Herod was a falsifier and a pretender to the throne of Judeaand he knew it. He was murderous and fanatical and many European “Jews” love it! Its quite ironic if they are really “Judeans” to love such an evil man and counterfeit monarchy. It would be synonymous with the modern “Jews,” some time in the near future becoming infatuated and obsessively loving the Nazis, in particular – Adolf Hitler, considering him, in a revisionist sense, as a good “Jew.” Most “Jews” would, no doubt, although some feign to be horrified by even the thought and that quite rightly. But, such is the case with the modern (European) “Jews” and their hero, their idol, their biblical pointman “Herod.” (Or, perhaps we should call “Herod,” by a new name – Adolf Herod?)

Nevertheless, one must remember that Herod sought to kill the rightful heir to the Judean throne committing the horrible act of infanticide against the native and indigenous population. The only comparable act that we can readily point to today, a genocidal attempt against a group of people to “kill them before they grow” is the targeting of birth control (see, population reduction), sterilization and forced and coercive abortion strategies in post-Emancipation and Civil Rights America, especially after the “Black power” uprisings of “Black people” and their messianic regeneration during the 1960s and beyond. Therefore, to the Black Judeans who were struggling to survive against the influx of foreign converts, namely these Indo-Europeans, Herod was Adolf Herod and theHerodians were the Nazis of the first century. Even today, strangely, Nazis and their Neo-Nazi ideological descendants place at the very top of their hate-list both enmities to the Blacks and to the Jews without ever explaining the true connection between these two groups. Did Blacks produce the “Jews”? Or, did Jews produce the “Blacks”? Do they have a common ancestor and origin now forgotten or suppressed out of sight and out of mind? What is it that the world does not know? Or, is the truth hiding, as it were, in plain sight and many have been blinded to the fact?!

During the early time when the old (Black) Judeans (along with some non-Black converts) and the original Mohammadans (so-called Black and Pale Arabs) were considered almost one and the same people, the Umma! But that was all after 70 A.D. and represented the last period that both of these so-called “Jewish & Arab” peoples were, racially speaking, of the same root, that is to say namelyAfro-Semitic. What is Afro-Semitic? Look up what kind of language class so-called “Hebrew” is? It is listed as an Afro-Semitic and NOT an Asiatic-Semitic or Indo-European language. What does that tell us? Simply that the true Hebrews, Israelites and Judeans (Jews) were an African or “Afro” rooted people in their origins, linguistics, culture, rootage, anchoring and moorings until the“stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low” Deuteronomy 28:43.

Read more about the Real Black “Jewish” Holocaust in Deuteronomy 28:68

The enigma in the “Story of the Jews,” is the racial and African element that is often hidden in plain sight, yet religiously avoided by the so-called Historian and “Judaizers.” We are told, and lost-sheep like lead to believe that the early Christians, especially Paul were self-hating “Jews” who were de-Judaizing the new faith?! NOT SO! This is quite contrary to The Truth. The racial and religious viruses that the violation of the covenant had already inbreed the downfall of the presence of the racially black “Jews,” the Ethiopian or African-Hebrews – the original Children of Israel. The distrust of the converts, in the case of the Indo-European “Jews,” it seems, was quite justified by the modern fact that so little to know recognition of the Black presence in Judaism and early Christianity is, and has become, part and parcel of the post 70 AD worldview to this present day.

This is our true story, from Moses to Jesus…. All this came “…Out of Egypt”!

Simon Schama and others in their storytelling focuses on the Indo-European and European converts to both Judaism and Roman Christianity while totally blacking out the black roots of both, “out of Egypt,” that is to say, inner Africa. Schama is an excellent storyteller, yet, that is just the point, it is a story. But, the real question we must ask, and in due time answer authoritatively is: Is theirstory true? It is a delusion, tied together by assimilated and perverted stories based upon a religion, that was not their own, but that they were forced by circumstance and political expediency, to adopt and adapt to their own purposes irreverent to their the truth that they were racially and religiously indebted to the Black Judeans of Africa, Egypt and Ethiopia who were “Jews” before the covert so-called “Jews.” Therefore it is more appropriate to word it, how the European converts became “Jewish.” Simon Schama’s “the Story of the Jews” contain many and varied bits and pieces that must be carefully scrutinized, dissected and analyzed in order to reconstitute the true order and “story” in its proper and ancient narration.

To Be Continued….


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