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Rastafari Transpersonal Philosophy

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Historically, the concept of individuality is a relatively new idea and not the final word in developing of humanity. It’s hard to image ourselves without this construct and that is why the future universe without (traditional) Individual is such a fascinating subject.


By Anatoly Antohin

BoyRasThroneWarEmperorLast Photo
Shakespeare wrote that each of us goes through seven stages, but the story of this man is a history of his country. Maybe there were more, but those seven stages of one and his country were marked by history. The man was the mind of this country, he was the emperor. First Life was before 1917, when Ras Tafari became a regent, the actual ruler of Ethiopia. The Second Life ended with Tafari getting a new name — Emperor Haile Sellassie. The Third was short, it ended with the Italian invasion in 1935 and he lost his empire, country and home. There were another short five years of exile, which seemed long and endless. His Fourth Life was over in 1941 when he came back to Addis Ababa to govern and rule. The next, Fifth Life, was the longest, twenty years of peace for the country and a chance for H.I.M. to change the face of Ethiopia. In the history books the coup of 1960 is just an episode, a few days of revolt in the middle of his long ruling. Nevertheless, many noticed the changed attitude which characterized his later years on the throne. He was waiting for the final act of history and his personal story and it came in 1974. The Sixth Life, which Haile Sellassie invested in Africa, came to its total end — he became a prisoner. Yes, there was another life to live, one last year before he was murdered. The days of the Seventh Live is dark and unknown. He returned to a stage similar to his childhood where he began his journey to his destiny. Did he know that the travel is not over? Do we know that we have to live with the living after our death?

His After-Death-Life has many different profiles. For some he is a historical figure in the tales of the last century, to others he is the lost past of Ethiopia, to many he is God. He is not a living man anymore, he is free from the dictate of daily living. Now he has all the time to reflect on his wrong and right. He welcomes your thoughts, that’s why I wrote the book. His spirit is still wondering without peace. His country has no peace, Africa never rose as an equal in world family, there are too many lost souls in the universe, those do not know where to turn their eyes. There is two thousand years old story which comes to mind.

There was another man, whose real life began after his death. At the end, even after all the success he had, there were nobody next to him. He died alone and only his guard saw his last moment on earth. The story is well known, I need not talk much about it, I simple reconstruct the final hours of the man called Jesus. In 1974 it was not Haile Sellassie that died, but Tafari the man. Maybe, Ras Tafari and Haile Sellassie didn’t die at all. You see, when you have many lives, you have to be born many times — and you die not once. After so many deaths, one more doesn’t mean much…

Perhaps, you don’t believe in Life After Death; well, it’s a matter of personal choice, we have this freedom of mind, but you are not in control of my mind. Your presence in somebody’s heart is not your choice. You don’t have to believe in existence after death in order to exist after you are gone. There is another reason for a triumph of materialism, not only its scientific success. To accept the notion of immortal soul complicates our living. We have enough problems to worry about. To think about my life beyond my mortal existence requires not only time but rearranging my daily schedule. We have been there before, the slow pace of pre-modern history looks like a price to pay for thoughts about the Beyond. There is another missing point in our speculations on our atheism — we are obsessed with recording everything, as if we want to remember and be remembered forever. Why do we need faster processors and hard drives with more memory? Why do we have comcorders in every home — wasn’t a Polaroid camera enough? Why do you want to leave memory of yourself and spend hours and days building your Website? We think that it’s all about vanity and visibility we need for success. Perhaps the vanity could serve the needs of your soul in craving for eternity.

When I travel back in time, I admire the radicalism of the Christian idea. I return to my time and I don’t understand why we can’t have the same free spirit. What a sad picture — any church. Why do they want to separate God from me? How different is Jesus from you or me? Oh, you never perform miracles! I do not care for miracles. In fact, I’m tired of them. I have too many of them around, the ordinary science performs in plenitude. Maybe nobody recognizes you as a messiah, maybe you don’t have the words to speak — listen, my friend, was Jesus the same man before he met John the Baptist? What about his thirty three years of silence and obscurity? Don’t look over your shoulder at the world full of monsters in human forms, not the animal in us, but the betrayed divine is responsible for our evils. What do you think happened to the best of the angels? They are the devils.

Writing the book about H.I.M. helped me to think about the life which I will live after my death. That’s why I wrote the book. I tried to find the words to perform my own simple miracle of resurrection. I want you to read it, regardless of fact am I alive or not. What do you think takes place when you open the book? The miracle. The dead rise and enter the world of living, their souls come alive, their mind is open for you to see and their hearts have a beat as yours. Do you want more miracles?

The concept of “I-nd-I” could be seen both as a postmodern development of the idea of Self or as a return to the original Orthodox understanding of individuality. Leaving aside all other aspects of Rastafarian cosmology, I put together my notes on modern identity problems. For a short overview of Rastafarian movement read Esther’s Academic Rasta Paper

original link: http://www.angelfire.com/ak/sellassie/rrr


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