We’ll Be Posting Here Soon!!!

Shalom Rastafari! We’ll Be Posting Here Soon!!! rastafarigroundation.wordpress.com


An African Jesus Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey to the enthusiasm of the crowdsAs many of thee i’s know, we’ve been offline… or, at least our webcasting at the YouTube’s Channel (name): RasTafariSabbathical has not had any new videos uploaded since January 2014… This interruption was due to several factors, most that are currently in resolution and remedy. We hope and expect to be again broadcasting with you, and to you very soon!

Now as I man have advised and encouraged some of you whom I had the opportunity to reason with and fellowship more directly, it is a must for us to receive the word of Selassie I Christ within the innermost of ini inner being, allow His Light and Love to shine within us cleasing us from all “sin” (folly and f*ckery) and to know that He has called us, and in answer to His call He has forgiven because of Isses I Christ Son of Selassie i God sake…. INI are therefore NOW… “the righteousness of God in Christ” (2nd Corinthians 5:21)…. This is the Crux of Selassie I’s Gospel, His Glorious Good News that we proclaim and grow in the Grace thereof beloved!

So what must we do? After we Amen, admit the Truth of Him in Christ and Christ in Him within, we have fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit… As the Black Virgin Maryam said it best and blest: “Be it to me according to thy word” and this is the first-step in the conception of the Indwelling Christos, the ‘Tewahedo Kristos’ to amen His Word, His Logos, the Black Christ in Spirit and Truth, from Heaven (Zion) to the Root (Heart & Soul), more precious than silver and gold… kidanemehretthe Half of the Story has yet to be told. And, here beloved is where we come in, it is where we “Enter into His Gates” by supping with Him within and shining without in every thing that we do, as to the King, even INI Blessed Servant-King who sent His Son, Iyesus Kristos the Evercoming One, who has come and shineth within ini hearts and manifests in ini service in His Name and to His Glory…. One way of proclaiming and publishing this testimony and witness, (you do know we are called Rastafari to be His Majesty’s Witnesses?!) is simply this…. Testify, Witness it! Pray for His wisdom for His guidance as to how and what way or ways He has given you His Tsegga, His Charis, His Grace to manifest it…. Shine Rastafari Shine. Amen.0 R

Now what I have advised, now that that inspired sermon, amen, has been written to ye beloved of INI Rastafari Abba Father, Blessed be the Divine Mother Maryam and Our Imperial Inat Menen who shineth in the graciousness of His Christos True Bride, the Church who are to be we in His Majesty…. Amen, Isses I Selassie I Christ! The first matter is our re-birth and knowing how blessed and loved ini are in His Majesty’s Christ to Isses be Jah Glory! So here I am, I have been encouraging some of you to write and compose blogs, videos and always songs of praise via the King’s music Rastafari reggae and roots dub… So much things to say, yet for now a blessed Shabbat Shalom, Senbet Selam!

PS: If, and when, any of thee may start a blog and would like to have it RSS linked to RTG (“RasTafari Groundation”) social network, we would advise wordpress.com as a preferable “free” blog for starters for certain features embed well as well testified by two of ini leading bloggers, i.e. Rastafari Renaissance and Melek Media House. These regular contributors and many of you are highly beloved and blessed for Rastafari namesake and thy respective labors of Jah love for, and in, the Grace of His Majesty’s Christ. Amen. Be Well in Selassie I Ammanuel. Amen.



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